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NFT Tickets

Advanced NFT tickets for a unique experience on the slopes.


As part of a new campaign for the 2022-23 winter season, Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU will begin sales of early entry NFTs. NFT holders will gain early entry to the resort for an unprecedented skiing/snowboarding experience on Niseko’s dazzling powder snow. Don’t miss this Niseko and NFT collaboration and the chance to experience something entirely new.

Early entry to the ski resort on the relevant day!

About NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital tokens that use blockchain technology, which ensures that records of ownership or transfer of digital data cannot be falsified. This has given owners of digital data property rights and allowed the data to be handled as an asset. As part of this campaign, we are offering unique Niseko experiences, which previously had no digital value, as NFTs via the Palette Chain platform operated by HashPalette.




Purchase NFTs on this website
- Payable by credit card.
- See here for how to pay on PLT Place.



Check in between
8:15 and 8:30 a.m.
before the ski lifts open
at 8:30 a.m.!



Enjoy early entry
and ride to the slopes

at Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU!

There might even be a special winter season
experience on offer for NFT holders…



    calendar december

    calendar january

    calendar february

NFT lottery application period(Second edition):
Jan 1–Jan 15, 2023

NFT winner announcement(Second edition):
Jan 17, 2023

NFT validity:
Dec 24, 2022–Feb 28, 2023

*Please refer to the official website or official SNS for the schedule after the 3rd sale

  1. The purchased product gives the customer the rights to early entry through the relevant ski lift, and the right to transfer this into an NFT. The customer must own the NFT to gain early entry. The customer must therefore use the PLT Place platform and transfer their early entry rights into an NFT.
  2. The lottery application period is between December 1 and December 11, 2022.
  3. The NFT can be used between December 24, 2022, and February 28, 2023 (tentative).
  4. Each NFT has been allocated a date on which it can be used. The NFTs will be randomly sold via a lottery and the date on which they can be used will not be revealed until the token is opened.
  5. If the customer acquires an NFT that cannot be used on their desired date, they can search for different NFTs or sell/exchange their NFTs on the PLT Place Marketplace (
  6. The NFTs can be used on the Ace Quad Lift #2. If the relevant lift does not open at 8:30 a.m. on the day, we will refund the value of the NFT for that day.
  7. In some cases, early entry may not be possible due to weather or other external factors.
  8. Please understand that, depending on the weather, the gondola may open first.
  9. The NFTs cannot be traded on any other platform apart from the PLT Place Marketplace.
  10. Early entry rights cannot be sold, bought, or passed on without first transferring these rights into an NFT.
  11. As NFTs are digital tokens created on a blockchain, please understand that there may be a risk of data leakage due to hacking or other fraudulent activity.


400PLT or JPY

*Yen equivalent to 400 PLT

In the 2022–23 winter season, Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU will begin sales of early entry rights using NFT technology. NFT holders can gain early entry to the slopes and enjoy an unprecedented skiing/snowboarding experience.

*Each pack contains one NFT.
*400 PLT or JPY is the price for one pack (one NFT).



*Ski resort staff will be waiting at the above location to check customers NFTs in order from 8:10 a.m.
*The NFTs can be used on the Ace Quad Lift #2 Center 4.
*If the lift does not operate until 8:30 a.m. on the day, we will refund the value of the ticket for that day. In this case, customers who purchased their tickets on the PLT Place Marketplace will be refunded the value of 400 PLT in yen to the credit card they used to make their purchase in accordance with the prescribed methods of their credit card company. Please note in advance that due to the circumstances of your credit card company it may take some time for the amount to be refunded.
*If you purchased your ticket on the PLT Place secondary market, you will be refunded 400 PLT if the lift does not open at 8:30 a.m on the day of your NFT.
*Please understand that the Hirafu Gondola in the King area and other lifts may operate first due to weather or any other reason.

This service is offered by both Tokyu Land Corporation and HashPalette Co., Ltd. Please ensure you have read and agreed to the policies below before using the service.

・Tokyu Land Corporation
Privacy Policy

・HashPalette Co., Ltd.
Privacy Policy

Notations based on the Specified Commercial Transactions ActSPECIFIED COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS

<Niseko Powder Token seller>
■Company name: Tokyu Land Corporation
■Address: Shibuya Solasta, 1-21-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
■Representative: Koki Shirakura, Hotels & Resorts Department 2
Click here for inquiries related to this campaign
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<Lottery application period>
December 1, 2022–December 11, 2022
Prices are those displayed on each product page on PLT Place
<Other required fees>
The customer is responsible for fees related to the equipment required to use our services, internet connection fees, data fees, telecommunication line charges, and other such fees.
The customer is also responsible for digital wallet fees when using a digital wallet with this service.
<Time of delivery of product/Time of provision of service>
After the purchase is complete, ownership of the NFT will be registered on the customer’s PLT Place account.
<Time and method of payment of price/consideration >
■Cryptocurrency (Palette token/PLT): Immediate
■Credit card: Payment is confirmed when order is made
Due to the nature of the product, excluding in certain cases, cancellations or returns after the purchase is complete are not allowed.
If the relevant lift does not open at 8:30 a.m. on the day due to adverse weather or any other reason, we will refund the value of the ticket for that day.
<Recommended operating environment>
●Google Chrome (latest version)
●Safari (latest version)
●Firefox (latest version)
●Microsoft Edge (latest version)

*Matters omitted from the above notations will be provided without delay upon request at the time of transaction.